Stunning Typography Arts For Inspiration

Typography is the art and techniques of arranging type, type design, and modifying type glyphs. The arrangement of type involves the selection of typefaces, point size, line length, leading, tracking and kerning.

Fonts Inspiration: 60 Awesome Font Typography Designs

Typographic designs is now more popular way to present great messages. we can notice and collection some typography designs with great messages, I found these design messages really inspiring and i m sure you never seen before, hope you will be inspired.

The Art and the Love of Typography Poster Design. 50 Exceptionally Stunning Example

Typography Design Poster is one of the most effective method in conveying the idea through posters. Straight to the point, simply and yet creatively done for more creative awareness.Typography has been used in many types of graphic design including web design trend, graphic design and of course as part of the main elements to reflect societies, logos.

Beautiful typography in book covers

Most designers are taught and/or learn the importance of typography when they first start out, and it is instilled into our brains. Most other non-design people look at a design with all the elements put together noticing the typography last and picking up on the more dominant elements like images. This selection of book covers forces the reader into looking at the type by making it the prominent theme or the only theme to draw their attention.

3D Typography Design Inspiration : 35 Amazing Examples

This post features 35 Amazing 3D Typography Designs to come up with new and fresh font projects. Browse through this 3D Typography Designs and let this amazing collection inspire you.

40 Typography Designs that will Tickle Your Imagination

Typography definitely has become a popular especially among artists, designers and enthusiasts. It is used to create striking artworks to help highlight a specific thought. It allows one word or phrase to become the focal point of the design rather than just another design element thrown in the composition. This art form is used largely in web design, poster, postcard design, and other offset printing media. It is also widely used for entertainment media such as film credits and titles, and all forms of advertisements.

35 Awesome Typographic Portraits

In this post we are featuring some awesome typographic portraits. Enjoy!

Kinetic Typography: Design in Motion

Kinetic typography is defined by Wikipedia as “an animation technique mixing motion and text”. Designers will either use software such as Adobe Flash, After Effects or Apple Motion to produce this flawless and at time hypnotic typography technique. Its popularity has been rising rapidly, prompting Vimeo to create an entire channel dedicated to it. Videos include motion typography to go along with, for example, famous movie monologues.

20 Simplistic Typography Movie Posters: Pure Genius

Once again, I want to visit the realm of movie posters. Yeah I know, I am quite a fanatic. The fact is that as long as people try to send a message through them, I will always check them out. We have touched on the subject of simplifying the meaning of movie posters before, and the more I look for them, the more simplistic they get. However, I think they can’t get much more simplistic than what I have found for you all today.

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