30 Great Examples Of Silhouette Photography

Silhouette photography refers to images where a part of the image is blacked out. That is, the background is bright while the foreground subject is completely black due to exposure differences. Silhouette photography happens most often by accident in sunset and sunrise shots. It also happens accidentally with some regularity in snapshots when something bright is behind the subject. Silhouette photography can create beautiful images when used deliberately and is not that difficult to master. Here are some best examples of silhouette photography. Hope you like it. Enjoy it !

Millhouettes by Philipp Klinger

End Of The Day by Sam

kid with a balloon by Phil Hilfiker

A single splendid sun - ( Goa, India) by Nilesh Pawar

Ocean's 4 by Luca Rossato

Stranger III by Latyrx

World's Favorite Sport by Rama V

To a Better Place by Ian Brumpton

man on fire by Shlomi Nissim

man on fire

Point of View by Donato Buccella

Point of View

the visitor by latoday

visitor photography

Photography is not a crime by Xava du

Photography is not a crime

leave it all behind by Rahmat Mulyono

leave it all behind

Last night on earth by Fabien BRAVIN

Last night on earth

pigeons by Allan Wallberg

pigeons photography

News in Jerusalem by Barbara Orienti

News in Jerusalem

Silhoutte with an optical Illusion by Achintya Guchhait

Silhoutte with an optical Illusion

Drop silhoutte photography by Suraj Singh

Drop silhoutte photography

Sweet September Sunset by battymaddie

Sweet September Sunset

another worker at another site...by vikas koshti

another worker at another site

Girl in gallery by PaulPat

Girl in gallery photography

FLYING-OVER ROCK by Alessandra Meniconzi


Shadow bike...by Antonio Grambone

Shadow bike

Sunset at Erg Chebbi by Rui Pires

Sunset at Erg Chebbi

Dangerous Game Area by ilhan marasli

Dangerous Game Area

Hanging by Regy Kurniawan


Shadows at Circular Quay by Sheila Smart

Shadows at Circular Quay

Beauty, according to Disney by Kevin Dooley

Beauty, according to Disney

We Will Become Silhouettes by Joey Gannon

We Will Become Silhouettes

Jackie Martinez by Mark Sebastian

Jackie Martinez

Endless Love by Sabrina

Endless Love

People-Watching by Stuart Richards



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