Great Collection Of Negative Space Logo

Using negative space in logos isn’t something you can exactly teach. it requires vision and creativity which is just something you either have or you don’t. However it is something you can explain and show examples of, which is what this article will do. Here are some great examples to creating a negative space logo for those not born with the natural talent to do so.

Negative Space Logo

It’s hard to beat a clever use of negative space in logo design. Here are 35 or so logos I enjoy that use white space well, along with the designers/agencies responsible.

45 logos that utilize negative space effectively

Logos that utilize negative space effectively are always exciting and inspiring to look at. I really enjoy spotting elements created within negative space alone. Negative space is very important to any composition because it creates balance. It takes a designer’s very keen eye to be able to balance positive and negative space in any composition, and that is why it is a true talent when a designer is able to utilize that negative space to convey a message.

A Showcase of Clever Negative Space in Logo Design

Negative space is the space around and between the main objects in a design. This space often goes unnoticed, unless a creative designer is able to turn the negative space into a key element of the design. Logo designers often use negative space in a way that it becomes just as important as the positive space in conveying the meaning of the logo. Here is a showcase of logos that all possess creative use of negative space.

Great Examples Of Negative Space In Logo Design

There are literally millions of logos in this world, which makes it even harder for companies to stand out from the rest. Some designers try to tackle this problem by using the negative space in their logos. They are able to link this negative space to the brand so it becomes an important aspect of the corporate identity. In this case, the negative space of the logo forms some kind of ‘hidden message’. In this article you’ll find 25 beautiful examples of the creative use of negative space in logo design.

60 Fantastic Use Of Negative Space In Logo Design

Negative space is simply the empty space surrounding a design. Many designers like to turn the negative space in a design into a subtle image, such as a shape, to create a clever but simple design. This is why the use of negative space is such a powerful tool for logos. The following 60 logos, including some that you’ve seen and a few that you may not have, use negative space for a very positive effect.

Using Negative Space Effectively In Logos

Negative space is the space around and between the solid colored graphics (subject) of any image. Also known as whitespace, negative space is often used in logo design to form interesting or relevant shapes/letters reflective of the nature of business. When used effectively, it often provides the strongest connection to the brand and logo concepts.

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