100 Best Logo Design Inspiration 2011

There are many sources for logo design inspiration. In this article, we will showcase our best handpicked of extremely creative logo designs for your design inspiration. We hope that you’ll get the inspiration.

35 beautiful 3D logo design inspiration

A logo is not only a graphical symbol or mark it works as proof of identity for every particular enterprises or organizations. 3D logos are getting more and more popular these days. It provides a different or a realistic feel to a logo out casting dull and flat logos.

Logo Design Inspiration: 30 Logos with Creative Border

Usually a simply logo is use only the image or only thetypography in their design element. But with many creative ways by optimizing both with border, also can provide benefits. You can add in your logo design the type of your business, years standing, your business feature and many more, that can help people in defining your logo.

50 Retro & Vintage Look Logo Designs

Retro art used to be associated with the words boring and outdated. Nowadays, modern day logo designers have found ways to make retro art look fun, fresh, and dynamic. The perfect mix of cool typography, splash of colors, and texture are very effective in catching people’s attention. So in this post I will show you 50 Retro & Vintage Look Logo Designs I really like and are somehow inspired by that period of time.

Logo Design Inspiration – 30 Modern Church Logos

Churches, youth groups and other religious groups (like any other well established organization) need to target ‘Gen Y’ and need to create an image that belongs in the 21st century. For example, check out this fantastic iGod billboard design in NZ. Clever billboards aside, a good first step for any church, religious organization or other non-profit seeking to improve its marketing, website or image is to get a fresh, modern logo designed!

25 Corporate Logo Designs

A logo is a symbol of your company, its an important factor of a corporate brand visibility and thus can not be ignored at any stage. A logo is an emblem used by almost all commercial enterprises and organizations.

30 Construction Logos for Inspiration

Construction businesses, building companies and architects may target consumers (B2C) or businesses (B2B) – in both cases, trust/reputation is important and the sale size is often large so building a brand and investing in a good logo makes sense. Below are 30+ strong examples of construction/architecture/building related logos, categorized by color. We found bold colors (particularly red, brown, blacks, yellow) are particularly popular with construction companies while there’s a trend towards blues and greens for companies trying to position themselves as environmentally friendly.

Clever Examples of Negative Space in Logo Design

We talk about negative space quite a bit here on WDL. It can be a very important element in a design, especially in logos. Clever designers can create shapes around and inside the main elements to help reinforce the meaning or message of the logo. When done well, it’s a thing of beauty. I can’t get enough of logos like these. When I come across good ones, I have to share them. So here are some more clever examples of negatives space in logo design.

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