Best Free Photoshop Brushes 2011

Brushes are definetely one of the most helpful tool for photoshop users to create attractive and impressive designs. All of these photoshop brushes contain a lot of individual brushes of different sizes and styles.There are moe than 1000 brushes in this collection and all are free to use for personal use.

100+ Free High Resolution Photoshop Brush Sets

Designers all over the world are on a constant search to find useful Photoshop brushes. This is because they know having a good collection of Photoshop brushes can save them in their time of need. Although there are countless brush sets are available for Adobe Photoshop that make finding Brush sets an easier task. But to find high quality brush sets, you have to browse through tons of web pages – a tedious task.

32 Free Downloadable Music Photoshop Brushes

Nothing beats a stroll at the park with your iPad plugged in your ears, a lazy Sunday with your favorite station playing your song or an exciting night out with music played loud and proud. It kept us thinking, how would we live life without music?

500+ Must Have Grunge Photoshop Brushes for Designers

Photoshop is here to stay because since its inception. It inspires creativity of a beginner or expert designer. Many of these grunge brush sets come with different styles of brushes and vary in resolution. Below is a showcase of some of the hottest and newest grunge Photoshop brushes from a variety of brush sites. You will find a variety of different types of brushes for your inspiration that will all help you to give your work a rough and grungy look.

750+ Free Photoshop Brushes to Download

Every designer is looking for high quality photoshop brushes. So in this roundup we have showcased over 750 free photoshop brushes to spice up your design. Enjoy!!

80 Random Best Photoshop Brushes

Photoshop brushes are possibly the easiest way to add style to your designs, there settings are endless, they increase your productivity. In the following collection, you can download free high quality Photoshop brushes for different objects and effects. Click on each brush title to visit its original download page.

100+ Absolutely Free Refreshing Photoshop Water Brushes

With the need to have some Water touches in several types of designs, aiming to express thoughts deeply and clearly, there is that need for Photoshop Brushes to make the designs look more effective and realistic. Appealing and even Saleable as what most designers aim for their creations to be.

40 Free Retro Photoshop Brush Sets: Vector Circles

We’re sure you’ve seen a lot of awesome designs utilizing the beauty of vector circles, this has been a solid design trend during the past couple of years. Now you have the opportunity to check out a huge collection of vector circle brushes and choose some for your designs. The following Photoshop brush sets might also include a tiny amount of floral, oval, curved, and other bold and eye-catching elements for your graphic design improvisation. Besides, with retro concepts being highly distinctive from modern styling, these Photoshop brushes will help you mark out your creative designs.

1000 Grunge Photoshop Brushes (40 Sets)

Typically, the timeless and always popular grunge design style is characterized by its aged and fading visual graphics, with either broken or misshapen design elements and is entirely inspired by industrial architecture, urban decay, or in its simplest form, graffiti.

20 High Resolution Halftone Dot Brushes

The brushes range in size from just 200px up to 1500px and contain a variety of dot diameters. These kind of brushes are perfect for background effects or overlaying over other elements. If you use them, let me know in the comments :) Enjoy!

50+ High Res Watercolor Photoshop Brushes

Watercolor technique is really beautiful and artistic. We released a watercolor icon set couple of days ago and the icon set got well feedback. Lot of watercolor brush and paper textures were used on those icons. In this post we are sharing, some of those high res Photoshop brush set that we used. Most of them are free for personal and commercial use.

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