The Beauty of Bird Photography : 90 Examples

Bird photography is a constant challenge since the subject is usually small, may not stay still, moves rapidly from branch to branch, sits in less than favorable lighting conditions and is extremely aware of an approaching photographer. So, as we all can see, bird photography can be frustrating as well as rewarding. Most On-The-Go (OTG) or In-The-Moment Bird Photographers will not spend the necessary time needed waiting in a blind, a hiding place for you and your camera which allows a photographer to get close to wildlife. Most OTG Photographers will not photograph through the night or constantly return to the same spot day after day.

Please click any photograph you see below to find out more about the photographer’s photographic skill and possibly the secrets to great bird photography!

Cattle Egret Pair... by busdan

Cattle Egret Pair

Bad Hair Day by thrumyeye

Bad Hair Day

Closer won't be easy. by 00Tiger00

Closer wont be easy

Blue-Footed Booby by Wei Li Hur

Blue-Footed Booby

Flamingos by Gina Pflegervu

Flamingos by Gina Pflegervu

Flight by Steve Garrington

Flight by Steve Garrington

oye by Ibai Acevedo


Flamingos Partying by Pedro Szekely

Flamingos Partying

Rudolph the Rednose Robin by thrumyeye

Racket-Tailed Roller by deseonocturno

Racket-Tailed Roller

:: b o l e r o :: by hellfirediva

Kingfisher by Daniele Pantanali


Hummmmming by RoieG


Colourfull spring by mvbalkom

Colourfull spring

Looking back by Inside-my-ART

Below Zero by Zoltan Gyori

Below Zero

Bearded Tit by Swordtemper

bird photography

Allen's Hummingbird by ProSwedePhoto

Allens Hummingbird

The Red Breasted Robin by *Shutter-Nub

The Red Breasted Robin

Morning Tweet 12-11-10 by *Tailgun2009

Morning Tweet

Acrobats by Edgar Thissen

Acrobats by Edgar Thissen

flamingo fashion show by rbsuperb

flamingo fashion show

Colorful Sulkiness by Paulo Santos

Colorful Sulkiness

Harris's Sparrow by =Ryser915

Hearty by ~SquazerArt

Tandem by Ales Farcnik

Shy by *hannajohn

let's dance by *Photo-Sparta

Fast Food... by =thrumyeye

against the wind by *prismes

Birds / Lovers - Megalaima haemacephala By Umang Dutt

Leas Tern Family by *FForns

Waxwing revisited by =thrumyeye

The Winged Berry by =thrumyeye

Winter Waxwing by =Ryser915

Fly With Me by =timeodd

Little Hummer 2 by ~Mac-Wiz by *SAMLIM

Red rover by *masscreation

Coldfinch by =thrumyeye

Twitterpated by =onnawufei

Winter Blue by *Nzeman

Golden by =thrumyeye

Hairy Woodpecker by =chik1117

Embrace Me by Harry Eggens

Stonechat. by Israel Fichman

Little Owls by Uri Kolker

Kingfisher by Daniele Pantanali

Common Kingfisher vs House Sparrow by nissim

Martín by Risquillo

Under the wing by Luigino Snidero

Feeding by Han Bouwmeester

Fight For Fish by Harry Eggens

Golden Meal by Uri Kolker

Greater Spotted Eagle by nissim

Every day is sushi day... by Øystein Eriksen

"Measurement of the horses" - which is greater by Evgeni Stefanov

Lichen Kingfisher by Brian Scott

Rose Ringed Parakeet by nissim

The Catch by Henrik Just

Blue Song by Farid Sani

Pied Kingfisher by nissim

Fighting colors... by Allon Kira

Eyes left by Phil Morgan

Singer by Vadim Trunov

Bawler by Harry Eggens

Fast Food by Risquillo

Bombycilla garrulus by Antti Vesanen

Sealed with a kiss by Ragnheidur Arngrimsdottir

The Sky Skimmer by Bill Dalton

Bird Photography

Lunch time! by Nature Wind

Lunch time

Pathway to light by **j man10**

Pathway to light

You Are Fired! by John&Fish

You Are Fired

Pavarotti by Marrrcelll


Caracara takes off by Ville Miettinen

Caracara takes off

Blue Jay by Jim Ridley

Blue Jay

Under my wing by Luigino Snidero

Under my wing

Like a Butterfly by John&Fish

Like a Butterfly

White Tailed Sea Eagle Set Free by Steve Wilson

White Tailed Sea Eagle Set Free

Birds by Dragan Todorovic

Birds by Dragan Todorovic

colorful stare by brodmann's 17

colorful stare

"MAKE WAY!..." by jimpg2_2010


bundled by Steve Wall

bundled by Steve Wall

Canada Geese in flight by Keith

Canada Geese

Black-Headed Gull by Christopher Hoyle

Black-Headed Gull by Christopher Hoyle

Mandarin Ducks by Michael Schmidt

Mandarin Ducks

Eagles in Flight by Glen Hush

Eagles in Flight by Glen Hush

Common Kingfisher by nissim

Common Kingfisher

Bubo Lacteus by René Pedersen

Bubo Lacteus

attack by gustav kiburg

attack by gustav kiburg

Children of the sun ... by Dare Turnsek

Children of the sun

Shelter by Justysiak

Shelter bird photography


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