30 Gorgeous Fonts for Designer

Typography is one of the most important elements of any web design project. It’s very essential for designers to have a very good understanding of typography and selection as the importance of typography in design can’t be neglected. The proper selection of can convert your normal design into very attractive piece of art. Among other things, effective typography manages to achieve three necessary objectives of web designing are Look, Appearance and Outcome which helps you to keep apart from normal wave.

VAL™ font

VAL font


nevis font


Raleway fonts

TitilliumText 14L Font

TitilliumText fonts

Sketch Block

Sketch Block fonts


nowadays font


Reboard fonts

Master Plan

master plan font

Star Avenue

Star Avenue


Bulldozer font

Gayatri Font

Gayatri fonts

Code Free Font

Code Free Font

Solomon font

Solomon font


Dan font

Deibi v1.0 - free font

deibi free font

Cube 02™ font

Cube 02 font

Days typeface

Days typeface free fonts

Hattori Hanzo typeface

Hattori Hanzo typeface font

LOT free font

LOT free font

Kilogram Fonts

Kilogram fonts

Oh! Mai Mai!

Oh! Mai Mai

Type For you, Free PB Font Family

Type For you

Hetilica Bold

Hetilica Bold

Mod Gothic (Free)

Mod Gothic

advent font

advent font

PlagueDeath.ttf - FONT

PlagueDeath free font



Zag™ free font

Zag free font




Aller font

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