Brilliant Works of Conceptual Photography : 60 Creative Examples

Concept photos differ from other types of photography simply because they usually carry a specific message or theme. Typically, they are shot in the studio to offer more creativity and solutions to photographers. This does however; increase the planning as it offers ideas for more props, lighting sets, and different lenses. Concept photography is one of the few types that allows for humor, different connotations, politically skewed messages, social awareness issues, and of course sarcasm.

Here are some really beautiful examples of conceptual photography. I hope you will find them inspiring.

All photos are linked and lead to the sources from which they were taken. Please feel free to click on each photo to learn more about the talented photographer behind it.

Neptuno by ddiarte


Photoshop Text Effect : 54 Best Tutorials

If you are looking to learn about grungy metal, glass, water, clouds, fire, etc Photoshop text effect tutorials, you will find some by reading up on these tutorials. Try to play around with settings and colors on each of these to end up with your own look and feel. Hopefully you find something that inspires you, plus maybe a trick or two on how to do something a bit different from what you’re used to. Here the best Photoshop tutorials for making text effects.

This is a follow up to a post that was published a while ago called Top 30 Photoshop Text Effect Tutorials that you should also check out.

Create Stunning 3D Text in a Grungy Landscape

Tasty & Hillarious Food Art

Today when i was searching for something different i came up to this art and i found many examples of creative food art mostly created with fruit, cookies, egg and vegetables.Hope you like them all.

cookies break out... by *Todeskuenstler

Digital Macro Insect Photography : 67 Images From Master Macro Photographers

Macro insect photography involves getting frustrated, getting down in the dirt and occasionally getting stung by an insect for your efforts. It’s hard work to produce a good image, but it’s also a load of fun! Below you’ll find a listing of the most talented macro photographers and a small selection of their work. Be sure to check out the artists websites (each photo is a link).

Fire eyed Damselfly (Pyrrhosoma nymphula) by Tomas Rak

100 Best Video Game Wallpapers

Looking for high-quality video game wallpapers ? You have come to the right place. Here are great collection of high-quality video game wallpapers to download. Enjoy.

54 Stunning Fractal Arts

Fractal art amazes us with its geometric shapes and rich colors and makes us want to gaze at it for hours just to understand its beautiful complexity and how to create it. Some people put these on their desktop backgrounds as wallpapers. I can’t figure out how they can do that with all these bright and contrasting colors. Some of them look almost like a cosmic explosion, having a divine similarity. Anyhow, enjoy the gallery.

Christmas Spiral 2010 by =magnusti78

Christmas Spiral 2010

25 Of The Best jQuery Tooltip Plugin & Tutorial

I love tooltips. They are simply great because they increase the usability of GUI elements by several folds and can yet remain totally unobtrusive. What’s better when the greatness of tooltips combine with the awesomeness of jQuery? What follows is a totally appealing UI. Using tooltips not only helps readers to know a little bit more about the HTML element and about what it does, it also gives an impression that you care for the details.

This time around we have carefully chosen 25 of the best looking, best performing and totally efficient tooltip plugins developed by some great people. They are totally free to use. So check them out and make your next project a dashing one.

Poshy Tip jQuery Plugin

60 Photoshop Photo Manipulation Artworks

Photoshop is powerful software for creating photo manipulation. You can combine in one artwork as many images as you want. For creating awesome photo manipulation you must have at least intermediate knowledge of Photoshop tools. Of course, to learn the additional knowledge you must check Photoshop tutorials.

Childhood Dream by ~theSong

39 Stunning Science Fiction Arts

Science fiction art is seen everywhere these days. If you enjoy a good blockbuster movie or spending your Sunday afternoons playing Halo or Final Fantasy, you probably know sci-fi concept art quite well. Sites such as DeviantART frequently post incredible sci-fi concept art renderings. This post showcases a collection of 39 incredible and stunning sci-fi concept art pieces to help boost your creativity; most of which have been created using Adobe Photoshop or a similar application with the artists bare hands. Enjoy!

Maximum Fire by *OmeN2501

31 Free Useful Photoshop Actions

In this article we present a very large collection of Photoshop actions (some in large bundles). A Photoshop action is a series of tasks that you play back on a single file or a batch of files. Actions can make nearly any change to an image and examples could be changing the image size, adding new layers, appling filters, saving files in a specific format etc. With the click of a button an action can help us achieve time consuming effects in no time you just need to have access to the right actions. Read on and you will hopefully find what you need.

Free Useful Photoshop Actions

30 Awesome Fresh Free Big & Bold Fonts

The importance of typography in design can’t be overestimated. The accuracy, precision and balance of geometric forms can give letters the elegance and sharpness they deserve. Besides, elegant fonts can help to convey the message in a more convenient way. In fact, while there are many excellent professional fonts there are literally thousands of free low-quality fonts which you would never use for professional designs.

In this article we’d like to present 30 Awesome Fresh Free Big & Bold Fonts you might use for your professional designs


55 Stunning High Definition Nature Wallpapers

Web designers are constantly seeking visual inspiration. That’s why many of us frequently change our desktop wallpapers. It’s nice to have an image that is visually stunning to glance at as we are switching between applications or just taking a break from our work. For this post, I’ve taken the time to round up some very inspiring and beautiful nature wallpapers formatted for your desktop.

Norwegian Coast Wallpaper

20 Beautiful HDR Train Photographs

In computer graphics and photography, high dynamic range imaging (HDRI) is a set of techniques that allows a greater dynamic range of exposures (the range of values between light and dark areas) than normal digital imaging techniques.Here are 20 stunningly beautiful HDR train photographs.

All Aboard the Seattle Link Light Rail by Jason Hoover

All Aboard the Seattle Link Light Rail

20 Joyful Vector Christmas Wallpapers To Decorate Your Desktop

Looking for some inspiring Christmas themed wallpapers to spice up your desktops? Just before Christmas we are brining you this beautiful collection of Vector Christmas Wallpapers . The Christmas bug has really bitten us!


20 High Quality PSD Web Templates To Showcase Your Work

A portfolio with real examples of your work communicates more than just the quality of your work. It demonstrates better than words your passion and commitment to your profession. That`s why, in this post we would like to share some amazing & beautiful portfolios in psd file format with you.

Shutter 1.0 Free PSD Theme for Photoblog

Shutter is a simple, clean and flexible PSD Theme grid-based magazine theme designed in a modern and minimalist style, that focuses on presenting high res photos (also artwork). It will work great as personal photoblog or commercial photograph portfolio.

45 Best Useful CSS3 Tutorials & Resources For Web Development

In this post we present an extensive round-up of Best CSS3 techniques, tools and resources that will help you learn how to use CSS3 in your designs right away.

Reveal Extra Content with CSS3 Transitions

Show the comments and “read more” link on hover.

70 Free Online Tools For Web Designer & Developer

Most of this online tools perform simple task that could reduce fair a bit of times if you've to do it manually. I searched through my bookmark and handpicked those I think it's really handy and finally, I have this list.

Make Text

Okay, Make Text is not a must-have but it’s definitely a fun tool to use. MakeText does only one thing – it generates random texts (where web designers will often use it to preview and test their designs).

100 Photoshop & Illustrator Tutorials For Creating Cute Cartoon Characters

Cartoon character drawing covers a lot of techniques and styles from one color characters to multilayered colorful ones. This article contains a mixture of Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop tutorials that will be a great help to you to create visually appealing cartoon characters.

Create the Face of a Singing Pig

24 Impressive CSS3 Experiments

I think that these CSS3 experiments have some value, and would encourage people to continue to pursue them for strictly educational purposes – though hopefully in a semantic and well-coded fashion. Let’s just not make the mistake of assuming that these experiments should be used in real, production situations.


umbrUI is a demo of HTML input elements made with CSS3. So far they include a range slider, checkbox and radio button. I’m pretty happy with the outcome. They just use minimal markup, no JavaScript and thanks to the Pictos Font Icons, no images.

10 Best Sources To Download High Quality Photoshop Files

Here is my list for the best sites that you can download High Quality Photoshop (PSD) files.


Royalty free stock layered PSD’s, patterns, textures, design elements, themes and many more design resources...

Slow Shutter Speed Photography : 60 Captivating Examples

With slow shutter speed (otherwise known as long exposure), the elements of time and motion are introduced into your photography. We're going to run down some great examples to get you inspired.

I walk under the global warming by rsofyan

I walk under the global warming

50 Amazing Battle Illustrations

In this post we travel to imaginary worlds created by talented concept artists to experience battles, war and conflict. Here are 50 Amazing Battle Illustrations that we selected for your inspiration. Enjoy.

Viking: Battle for Asgard (Pack Art) by Michael Kutsche

Business Card Design : 40 Creative Examples

Creative, custom, and unique business cards have hit the main stage in the graphic design community. Flimsy card stock, boring type face, and cliché design is a thing of the past. Business card design has been around for centuries and has taken many forms, shapes, and styles. Currently, the most creative, unique, and versatile business card designs provide the best name recognition for the beholder. So it’s time for inspiration!! Below you will find some of the amazing and creative business card designs from where you can derive inspiration. So just scroll down to see the list….

Base One Business Cards

Base One Business Cards

65 Super Hyper Funny Print Ads To Make You Cry

Humorous ads remain one of the few effective ways to engage an audience in a very saturated advertising market. This is an area where the audience is far more receptive and still willing to pay attention. In this post, we’ve gathered 65 funny and really creative print ads for your enjoyment…

Oil & Water Do Not Mix

30 Great Examples Of Silhouette Photography

Silhouette photography refers to images where a part of the image is blacked out. That is, the background is bright while the foreground subject is completely black due to exposure differences. Silhouette photography happens most often by accident in sunset and sunrise shots. It also happens accidentally with some regularity in snapshots when something bright is behind the subject. Silhouette photography can create beautiful images when used deliberately and is not that difficult to master. Here are some best examples of silhouette photography. Hope you like it. Enjoy it !

Millhouettes by Philipp Klinger

20 Stylish jQuery Image Gallery & Slider Plugins

jQuery is not only a fairly easy javascript language to work with, it is also, when in packaged in a plugin, very easy to install on any web page, making them perfect for non-developers as well. Image galleries/sliders, without the spice of js, tend to be bland and featureless. Throw in a little jQuery and you can have a easily customizable feature-rich image gallery that will present your images professionally and beautifully.

Sideways – Fullscreen Image Gallery With jQuery

20 Creative Flash Website Interface Designs

Flash Web Design is still popular across the web. A lot of designers and SEO professionals claims that HTML5 will replace Flash websites. However, Designing flash website requires hard work and good knowledge in action script. In my view, I don’t think HTML5 will completely replace Flash websites. There are few drawbacks in flash, and I am sure Adobe will address those issues to keep Flash as a viable development platform.

In this post I have gathered 20 best inspirational Flash interface designs that will truly inspire you.

My Portfolio by obsid1an

My Portfolio by obsid1an

80 Web Designs To Inspire Your Next Designs

As a web designer, all of us are continuously searching for creative inspiration because getting an idea and inspiration is sometimes really hard and when you are planning to start your new web design project and you are curiously finding for a mind blowing web design inspiration so you don’t want to spend too much time and want to get start something as soon as you can. But most of the time, your mouse is not moving around as you want or your hand is not in your creative control or maybe when you are just tired and do not have creative mood to work. So if you want to get fresh your creative man or come up with some creative web design ideas or just need to motivate and inspire yourself with current design trends, In this post we are listing down 80 Web Designs To Inspire Your Next Designs !


45 Photoshop Retouching Tutorials For Digital Photographers

Whether you’re new to Photoshop, or if you’ve been using it for years, you’ll learn lots of new tricks that will help put the beauty back into cherished family photos, and turn new photos into frameable works of art.

Add Dynamic Lighting to a Flat Photograph

In this tutorial, We`ll learn how to spice up a fairly dull and flat photograph. It’s very easy and fast! Go from flat photo to a uniquely lit style.

30 Best Photoshop Web Layout Tutorials Of 2010

30 Best Photoshop Web Layout Tutorials Of 2010 - Photoshop has become the standard tool to create web designs. When designing for the web, using other designers tutorials to help yourself grow in Adobe Photoshop is a great way to grow in both confidence and technique. In this post, we showcases a numerous web layout tutorials that are both perfect for beginners and for advanced users.

Design a creative portfolio in Photoshop

Design a creative portfolio in Photoshop

35 Superb Dragon Illustrations

They lurk in the most hidden corners of the world: the powerful and beautiful creatures known as dragons. We know them as the terrifying beasts of fairy tales, but their own story has remained a mystery--until now. In this post you`ll find 35 Superb Dragon Illustrations. Enjoy !


48 Amazing Photo Manipulation Techniques In Print Ads

Advertisements usually have a negative connotation associated with them and because of this most people don’t like taking the time look at and even read advertisements.However, I have to admit, that advertising is evil, not only it is a big flow of lies (actually half true facts, but that’s even worse), it is also a dirty fight between competitors.

In this post, we’ve gathered 48 Amazing Photo Manipulation Techniques In Print Ads for your enjoyment…

Metamorphosis by Cristiano Siqueira

Metamorphosis by Cristiano Siqueira

25 Realistic 3D Machine & Robot Character Designs

Here I have a great collection of 25 realistic 3D machine & robot character designs for inspiration for designers. As you can see some really high quality work has been done to create these extraordinary 3D designs.

Mech chameleon by tommaso-sanguigni

35 Marvellous Marvel Superhero Illustrations

Marvel was created in 1939 by Martin Goodman. Being one of America's best known comic book producers, Marvel's best-known comics titles include Fantastic Four, The Amazing Spider-Man, The Incredible Hulk, Iron Man, Daredevil, Thor, Captain America, and X-Men. Most of Marvel's fictional characters are depicted as inhabiting a single shared world; this continuity is known as the Marvel Universe.

All Illustrations have been linked back, Click on the name to go to illustration sources.



Bokeh Photography : 35 Sparkling Bokeh Photos

In photography, bokeh is the blur, or the aesthetic quality of the blur, in out-of-focus areas of an image, or "the way the lens renders out-of-focus points of light." Differences in lens aberrations and aperture shape cause some lens designs to blur the image in a way that is pleasing to the eye, while others produce blurring that is unpleasant or distracting—"good" and "bad" bokeh, respectively. Bokeh occurs for parts of the scene that lie outside the depth of field. Photographers sometimes deliberately use a shallow focus technique to create images with prominent out-of-focus regions.

Bokeh is often most visible around small background highlights, such as specular reflections and light sources, which is why it is often associated with such areas. However, bokeh is not limited to highlights, as blur occurs in all out-of-focus regions of the image - wiki.

G-Force by Ed McGowan


Photoshop Tutorial : 83 Great Photoshop Photo Manipulation Tutorials

In this post well feature 83 tutorials for creating your own photo manipulation. The tutorials shown here will teach a various variety of techniques and will work towards end results of all kinds.

Creating a sexy mechanical pinup in Photoshop

Photoshop is great tool for combining several images into a scene that can’t always be created in real life, like an android. In this tutorial I will teach you how to manipulate body parts, create depth from missing pieces and also how to integrate gears and engines to make an sexy mechanical pinup.

25 Useful CSS3 Tutorials For Web Developer & Designer

Many exciting new functions and features are being thought up for CSS3. We will try and showcase some of them on this page. So, have a look at these 25 Useful CSS3 Tutorials For Web Developer & Designer.I hope this post will be useful to you all!

How to create a kick-ass CSS3 progress bar

The following tutorial and the demo works best on Chrome and Safari, correctly on Firefox and very badly in Internet Explorer (eh…I’m sure you hadn’t guessed that).

How to create a kick-ass CSS3 progress bar

31 Best Creative Photographer Portfolio Websites

A portfolio is a showcase for your talent and experience - whatever your creative or media field.

Creating a portfolio of your work is one of the most important things you can accomplish as a photographer. Unfortunately, relatively few photographers create portfolios because they find the process daunting or think their work is not good enough to be included in a portfolio. Others squirm at the idea they will have to review thousands of photographs taken over many years. Yet others do not know how to select photographs for a portfolio. Finally, there are those who believe that a portfolio cannot be created by themselves, that such an endeavor has to be conducted under the control of a museum or a gallery or needs to take place in the context of a retrospective of the artist’s work.

In this post you’ll find 31 of the best and creative photographer portfolio websites !

CirilJazbec Photography

CirilJazbec Photography

35 Best Free PSD Website Templates Created in 2010

Do you need a complete and professional website page pretty quickly, but perhaps not able to make your own? I myself have been in that situation a few times, and I know how it feels after having searched on Google for a few hours. Therefore, I have now put together this post with a collection of 35 best designs with beautifully designed PSD files.

Web Template in Photoshop PSD – Polo360

Web Template in Photoshop PSD

Top 30 Photoshop Text Effect Tutorials

Great typography is a state of mind. It comes with experience and knowledge. You can gain a lot of knowledge (cut the learning curve) by going off of other's experience. One important way that you can do this is to just study typography (and graphic design) everywhere you see it; in print, tv, ads, brochures, flyers, posters, signs, entertainment packaging, billboards, books, the web, etc... And here are Top 30 Photoshop Text Effect Tutorials which might help you to get inspire and learn some tips. Enjoy!

Create a Funny Wooden Type Treatment in Photoshop

Create a Funny Wooden Type Treatment

35 Beautiful Websites Designed With HTML5

As the next major revision of HTML, HTML5 has been more and more popular. We can easily find many libraries like open source HTML5 video players, we also can find more and more HTML5 based websites. Here is a fresh HTML5 websites collection to help web designers and developers of how to implement HTML5 into their sites.

1MD + Creative Bureau

1MD + Creative Bureau

23 Best Wordpress Themes 2010

I know that in these days in the internet space, many people doing work on blogging and they all blogger need some cool themes and plugins for best performance, so that’s why i am doing some effort for wordpress themes.Hope you like it.

The Morning After WordPress Theme

The Morning After was the original magazine theme in the WordPress community and after more than a 100 000 downloads, it now has a place in our themes collection. It may be “old”, but this amazing theme is not yet dated! A definite download and one that you will thoroughly enjoy!

The Morning After

Minimal Web Design : 43 Great Examples

The sophisticated image of minimalism has always been a popular style of design. In webdesign a minimalist site is stripped naked of eye candy and fancy colours or effects, leaving the underlying structure exposed. The key to a beautiful minimalist site is a solid and structured layout, as well as focus on stylish and well designed typography. These 43 examples showcase some of the best minimal site designs out there on the web.

Jar Design

Jar Design

Super Freebie : 100+ Highly Useful & Free Icon Sets 2010

Today’s blog post we have decided to do a massive collection of 100+ icon sets which can each be used within commercial design projects. This compilation was put together simply because of the lack of free icon sets which are available to be used in commercial design projects, what’s the point creating an icon set if its not free to use ?

30 Fresh and Free Icon Sets for Designers and Developers

As we like to do every few months, in this article you will find a comprehensive round-up of the best and freshest icon sets for web designers and developer. As well as the popular icon categories – general purpose developer sets, mini-pixel sets, pictograms and social media and service icon sets – we have also introduced a new category into this round-up: The Super Icon-Set. Perhaps this title is a little bit ambitious, but when you have a look at the ‘Super’ sets below, what else could you call them?

30 Fresh and Free Icon Sets for Designers and Developers

Hand-Drawn Typography : 40 Great Hand Drawn Typos

Typography is not only the art or technique of modifying type glyphs, it's also the way of creating your own stunning works. Using it you can achieve success in your designs. Hand drawn typography can inspire you to create a real piece of art. It can be both attractive and functional.

In this post we'll feature 40 excellent hand drawn creations. Use it and create your real masterpiece.

Hand-Drawn Typography By D. Emory Allen

Hand-Drawn Typography

10 Cool CSS3 3D Tutorials + Demos

Even though CSS3 is not fully supported yet, many web developers are starting to use many of the new techniques introduced. CSS3 has taken a very large step forward in helping web developers get away from importing mass amounts of images/JavaScript and making it possible to do this only by using pure CSS.

3D Text Tower

Have you seen David Desandro’s site? It’s pretty slick. His footer is especially fun

3D Text Tower

29 Jquery Plugins To Make Your Site More Powerful

It can be difficult to stay on top of the most recent and popular jquery plugins available. Let me do the work for you :)

Sudo Slider jQuery plugin

Essentially, Sudo Slider is the slider plugin that allows the designer to do whatever he wants, with whatever HTML he want.

Sudo Slider jQuery plugin

40 Inspiring Flash Website Designs

If you need to start or to pick up fresh cool creative inspiration and new ideas for your flash web design work then this post is for you, we have collected 40 creative flash websites with amazing animations, effects and good use of action script.


Sevenedge flash website

50 Brilliant 3d Car Concept Designs

The car of the future has been an evocative and emotive subject literally for as long as cars have existed. No industrial product carries more dreams, hopes and wild imaginings than the form of transport dearest to the human heart. Concept car design dissects the process of designing these imaginary flights of fancy from idea, through refinement and creative expression, to realization.

Falcon Concept Car

Bridgestone Falcon Concept Car 1

40 Fresh & Highly Creative Web Designs

So for your inspiration i have arranged really amazing and creative web sites. This list includes creative css, flash, design studio and portfolio sites. I hope you will like the sites as these are really inspirational.Here is the list of 40 fresh and creative website designs.

Digital Inspiration, Web Site Design & Development Articles

Digital Inspiration web design