54 Stunning Fractal Arts

Fractal art amazes us with its geometric shapes and rich colors and makes us want to gaze at it for hours just to understand its beautiful complexity and how to create it. Some people put these on their desktop backgrounds as wallpapers. I can’t figure out how they can do that with all these bright and contrasting colors. Some of them look almost like a cosmic explosion, having a divine similarity. Anyhow, enjoy the gallery.

Christmas Spiral 2010 by =magnusti78

Christmas Spiral 2010

Candle by =Jimpan1973

Candle fractal

Squadron Spiral by *innac

Squadron Spiral

Translations by =n8iveattitude1

Kaleido_IFS_10 by *MickHogan

Fleur D'apo by *mynameishalo

Fleur Dapo fractal art

Finding Neverland by *PeterPan81

Finding Neverland

When Night Falls by *Munch12

When Night Falls

Dream Galaxy by ~Sophiiiii

Dream Galaxy

Wintertime - by *coby01

fractal art

Tabby... by =rockgem


Off Limits by *MaRoC68

Off Limits

The Happy Pumpkin Patch by *wolfepaw

The Happy Pumpkin Patch

Lil Robin Gift For rockgem by *missimoinsane

Lil Robin Gift For rockgem

EscapeFrom4DimensionalCollapse by *MANDELWERK


Colorful Dragon by =Goldey--Too

Colorful Dragon

try by ~philsh

try fractal art

Fractal Love by *lindelokse

Fractal Love

Hearts and Horseshoes by ~bumpyduey

Hearts and Horseshoes

Impact by ~sci-clone


Wonderland - Technicolor by =magnusti78

Wonderland - Technicolor

Butterflies 2 by ~segami

Butterflies 2

RR2- Wonderland Forever by =magnusti78

RR2- Wonderland Forever

-Air- by =silwenka

Air fractal art

Passion by =thearchon


As Time Goes By by =magnusti78

As Time Goes

New Year For Peace by =magnusti78

New Year For Peace

magical mushrooms by *LoonyL

magical mushrooms

Oriental Illusions by *AnnaKirsten

Oriental Illusions

Blossoming Joy by ^DragonWinter

Blossoming Joy

The Awakening III-Rebirth by `CygX1

The Awakening III-Rebirth

Candyland by `Yasny-chan


Every 100 Years by =magnusti78

Every 100 Years

Forever Friend by =Rhiannon104

Forever Friend

Dreaming with Love by `Yasny-chan

Dreaming with Love

Triptych by =Liuanta


Sun Dragon by *svet-svet

Sun Dragon

glassflower by ~jost1


2008 2 12 6 by *VirusNO1

2008 2 12 6

Lollipop by `Yasny-chan

Lollipop fractal art

Twilight at Ra's Temple by =thearchon

Twilight at Ras Temple

Holidays by =n8iveattitude1

holiday art

Never Ending by *Marsille

Never Ending

Graphite in Color by *LaPurr

For The Cure by ~CoRayBee

Spinal Tap 2 by =psion005

Ascending little flower by ~Oneiron

Golden Harvest by *jim373

Christmas Pong III by *jim373

I miss the summer by ~eReSaW

Big Bang Theory by *Mookiezoolook

Interstellar flower by ~Oneiron

Vivid Channels around the King by *FractalMonster

The Golden Ratio by *PeterPawn

The Golden Ratio

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