Brilliant Works of Conceptual Photography : 60 Creative Examples

Concept photos differ from other types of photography simply because they usually carry a specific message or theme. Typically, they are shot in the studio to offer more creativity and solutions to photographers. This does however; increase the planning as it offers ideas for more props, lighting sets, and different lenses. Concept photography is one of the few types that allows for humor, different connotations, politically skewed messages, social awareness issues, and of course sarcasm.

Here are some really beautiful examples of conceptual photography. I hope you will find them inspiring.

All photos are linked and lead to the sources from which they were taken. Please feel free to click on each photo to learn more about the talented photographer behind it.

Neptuno by ddiarte


Flying on the Rooftops by Jennifer

conceptual photography

Oops! by hardibudi

conceptual photography oops

autumn by Daria Endresen

autumn by Daria Endresen

Trauma #1 by Clyde Beamer

Trauma conceptual photography

Trauma #2 by Clyde Beamer

Trauma2 conceptual photography

Shyness by Alin Petrus

Shyness by Alin Petrus

Take a bath by Andre Arment

Take a bath by Andre Arment

Silent Morning by Andre Arment

Silent Morning by Andre Arment

Two For Life by `gilad

Two For Life

Breaking Free II by `larafairie

Breaking Free II

up & fly by Willy Suwandhi

up and fly

The Balcony by Christophe Kiciak

The Balcony

shadow by ~forgottenx

shadow conceptual photography

Message from Mars by marius grozea

Message from Mars

I lean against the wind by Radu Voinea

I lean against the wind

The Final Meeting by Fran Moreno

The Final Meeting

Life by ~TrixyPixie

life conceptual photography

Holding All by =P0RG

Holding All

Close by Martin Stranka

Close by Martin Stranka

aiming for by kafka

aiming for by kafka

Shadows of summer II by Monique

Shadows of summer II

Attack by Achmad hariyanto

Attack by Achmad hariyanto

birth by ~henriquefrazao

birth by ~henriquefrazao

Deflagration by Sieger Joostens

Deflagration by Sieger Joostens

Autumn Song by =fhrankee

Autumn Song

Duel by Diana Cretu

Duel by  Diana Cretu

Water by ~aeon-100

My dearest scatterhearts by ~PabloMoranJr

My dearest scatterhearts

Platitudinal,Idolatrous Croons by ~AsliKolcu

Mermaid by Irwan Nusantara

Mermaid by Irwan Nusantara

Love by Achmad hariyanto

Love by Achmad hariyanto

Write Your Poem by ~Sirombo

Write Your Poem

Slide Project 24 by *truewill

Slide Project 24

WAY OF LOVE by =cetrobo


Love Comes Tumbling by =Alexandru1988

Love Comes Tumbling

Hunting bears. by Karina Marandjian

Hunting bears

softly drowning by Jennifer

softly drowning

Goodbye Summer by =WildRainOfIceAndFire

Goodbye Summer

fff by scarabuss

Hung Up by *ADOUR

Hung Up

Vertigo by =P0RG

Giant leap by `gilad

Giant leap

Tickling the light by *robertmekis

Tickling the light

Time After Time by =alejka

Time After Time

Night tide Reveries by *iNeedChemicalX

Night tide Reveries

The sweet escape by *duchesse-2-Guermante

The sweet escape

Chaos at the Balloon Races by Jerry Berry

Chaos at the Balloon Races

Life is a dream by *iNeedChemicalX

reflection of autumn by *StopScream

reflection of autumn

I Said "Who Are You?" by =Alexandru1988

Dreams really do come true by *iNeedChemicalX

Dreams really do come true

Way Out by *YourForgiveness

Karma Chameleon by *chabruphotography

Karma Chameleon

Merry Christmas by =alejka

Merry Christmas conceptual photography

Anyway Anywhere Anyhow by *iamthemindfire

Under the Sea by ~Gisellenw

Merry Christmas Baubles by `impressionenmeer

Raised on Rock by *Tanit-Isis

High Hopes by ~nairafee

Bridges Of Light Dot The Night by *iamthemindfire


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