Clever Automotive Print Ads Ideas

Take a look at the 10 automotive print ads below and you’ll be wowed by the totally original concepts and ideas they contain. This really is advertising at its very best.

Bridgestone Tyres: Cliff Hairpin

It's a first idea concept. I can image they were in the drawing room and "Hey so how to depict a safe road?" "Oh how about a road with rubber fence?" "Hey that's great! Let's call it a day, go for a drink and charge Bridgestone $50k!".

Kawasaki: Bull

Love it, don´t care if its a recycle idea i love the copy "more than horse power" they should put this campaign in Spain huge cultural symbol

Ford: Mirrors, 2

I think i get something most folks dot get. (if i get it that's it. i think the interior of the car is so cool, u'd throw away your furniture and rather live in the car. That's why its just chairs, drawers and mirrors. car got those things.

Fiat Ambulance Line: Cannon

Don't really need that graphic to tell the idea, the visual itself showing he's in big trouble. and the layout would look much better without this element.

Renault: Cherubim

For clearer skies. Renault GNV

Avis: Reunion

Luxury car rental - Awesome ad, great way to impress your mates!

Mini Cooper S: Ponies

Mini Cooper S. 184 hp.

Freelander 2: City vs Nature

Freelander 2 For all terrains

Volkswagen Amarok: Ibex

If you want to reach high, you must be made for higher. The New Volkswagen Amarok.

Audi Quattro: Path

Quattro gives you the liberty to create your own path, the liberty to choose differents kinds of roads ... always we see advertising ads of quattro talking about grip .. this one talk about the liberty of this grip ...

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