25 Stunning Marvel Character Illustrations

For over 70 years, Marvel Comics has been home to the most memorable characters and engrossing stories on the planet. So in this collection, we present 25 excellent 3d marvel character designs from talented character/graphic designers, illustrators and artists from around the world. Enjoy !!

1.) ULTIMATES - Captain America by Diego Maia

2.) Galactus by Alessandro Baldasseroni

3.) Juggernaut by Sven Juhlin

4.) The Incredible Hulk, Jonas Thornqvist

The Incredible Hulk

5.) Pixologic Superhero, jeff miller (3D)

Pixologic Superhero

6.) Captain America, Sven Juhlin (3D)

Captain America



8.) Captain America

Captain America 3d character

9.) Logan, Alexandre Rodrigues De Oliveira

Logan Wolverine

10.) Spiderman 3

Black Spiderman 3

11.) War Machine-Iron Man-close

War Machine-Iron Man-close

12.) Ironman - Iconic

Ironman - Iconic

13.) Dark_Phoenix, Rebeca Puebla


14.) Roguish Winds

Roguish Winds

15.) Xmen - Angel

Xmen - Angel

16.) Thor w.i.p.

Thor w.i.p.

17.) Venom mentalray

Venom mentalray

18.) Punisher 08

Punisher 08

19.) 3D Character - "THE PUNISHER"

3D Character - THE PUNISHER

20.) Magneto

Magneto X-Men

21.) Elektra

22.) Around the Corner

Around the Corner

23.) Marvel

24.) Xmen Cyclops

Xmen Cyclops

25.) Rockets I don't need rockets

Rockets I don

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