Awesome jQuery Plugins For Portfolio

In this post, I present a list of fresh jQuery plugins for those who want to build some beautiful image-based websites. Some of these plugins are "image sliders" that come with fancy transition effects; some are light-weight codes that create cool hovering effects; and some simply help create entire gallery-style website – all in all, these jQuery plugins provide creative alternatives to display images on your websites.

ARG! Automatic Rapid Gallery!

ARG! Automatic Rapid Gallery! is a jQuery plugin that reads folders containing photos from a given location and shows them as navigable multiple albums, with a simple but eye-candy interface.

Nuvu SGlide Menu

An interactive auto adjusting jQuery Slide Menu.

3D Gallery View

3D Gallery View is an image gallery based on jQuery. This one permits to animate a series of images in the space using a really short code.

Tonic Gallery - jQuery XML Portfolio Gallery

Tonic Gallery is a jQuery XML Portfolio Gallery that allows you to create very easily a portfolio gallery with some nice effects and flexible customization settings.

Image Effects Pack - jQuery Powered

A pack of premium image effects to enhance your website user experience.


Preloadify is a very easy to use image preloading plugin. Its size is 3kb and works in all browsers. Preload images easily and it has lots of options. Can be used anywhere, no need to change the code one bit.

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