7 Fresh CSS3 Tutorials You Should Learn Immediately

Since the come out of CSS3 the life of developers become easy. In this post we have collected some useful and fresh CSS3 tutorials for developers and designer to increase there skills. Enjoy !

Create a Multi Color and Size CSS3 Buttons

Today we are going to create some CSS3 Buttons which are available in multi color and size. There are lots of tutorials on creating css3 buttons over internet, But we have created our own css3 buttons for our various wordpress themes which we sold on wordpress marketplaces, so we thought why not to share that buttons with you guyz. So lets follow the steps for creating css3 buttons.

A Primer on CSS3 Transforms

Whatever we can do with CSS3 transforms can also be done using other web technologies. For example, using JavaScript, SVG, or Canvas, you could theoretically find ways to do anything that CSS3 transforms can do.

Two-Tone Borders with CSS3

We love using texture in our designs at Paravel. When you settle on a good texture, there’s nothing better than a slighly embossed line to give a letterpress like feel in between sections.

Combining the Cicada Principle with CSS3 Background Gradients

In the example, the author uses png images and repeats them. I wanted to try and do something similar but done purely in CSS. I found some really good resources dealing with CSS 3 and backgrounds, specifically this one dealing with patterns and a pattern gallery.

Adaptive & Mobile Design with CSS3 Media Queries

Screen resolution nowsaday ranges from 320px (iPhone) to 2560px (large monitor) or even higher. Users no longer just browse the web with desktop computers. Users now use mobile phones, small notebooks, tablet devices such as iPad or Playbook to access the web. So the traditional fixed width design doesn't work any more. Web design needs to be adaptive. The layout needs to be automatically adjusted to fit all display resolution and devices. This tutorial will show you how to create a cross-browser adaptive design with HTML5 & CSS3 media queries.

Recreating the HTC clock widget with CSS3

One of the reason HTC’s phones are so popular right now is their slick interface. The most iconic part of their interface is their clock and weather widget. With the help of some CSS3 we can recreate the whole thing using RGBa transparencies, box-shadows, and gradient backgrounds with multiple color stops. What does this all mean? Well it means like all good things that come in web design, it doesn’t work in IE, however all of the other major browsers work (Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera).

Pure CSS3 accordion

A while ago, I wrote about the CSS3 :target pseudo-class and how can that help you achieve cool results. Today you’ll learn how to create a pretty simple animated accordion with its help.

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