The Art Of Photographing Hot Air Balloons

Hot Air Balloons are great to see floating in the open skies, with only a body of hot air to keep it off the ground! Although the view from inside the wicker basket is sure to be the best, if grounded you can still produce a range of colourful photographs, and with the use of a long lens you’ll be able to capture the flicking flame from below, as well as making use of the vibrant fabric balloon!

Snowmass Balloon Festival by Travel En Vogue

Last Year by Mike Jones

Hot Air Balloons by BlueJeff

Reflections for the Day by Seattle Miles

Balluminaria by David Williams

Colorful Balloons by Marvin

Bartlett Festival 2008 by Ryan Guill

hot air ballon by kedondeng

Off They Go by Beneteau Sailor

Great Reno Balloon Race by RenoTahoe

Balloon Glow by photobunny

Albuquerque,NM by jacqueline.poggi

Canberra Hot Air Ballon Morning by martinphoto11

Balloooominaaaaria by Logicus Aeturnus

Coolest rave ever! by Rud-gr

Balloon Sunset - Festival of Ballooning by anadelmann

Night of the balloons by Riedler.H

Ballooning ! by mujepa

Balloon Time ... by Deuch Me

The show can start mujepa

Balloons against the blue by Phil Jackman

NO Color by PurpleAlma

Hot Air Balloons 156 by EllisMcKay

Pikes Peak Reflections of the Colorado Balloon Classic on Prospect Lake, Memorial Park by Beverly & Pack

Hot-Air Ballons by Freddy Adams (poco presente)

How Many Balloons by Tyler McCall

Only the Clouds for Company by John Dalkin

Mass by mortimer?

Let the sunshine in by BlueDjinn

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