25 Amazing Backlit Photography Examples

Backlit photography seems to be simple to do but in fact it isn’t — the light behind the subject you are aiming at to include within your picture can be very tricky. So here are 25 amazing backlit photos to give you some ideas for how to setup your own unique shots!

Buttercup beauty

Dream, catch me

Cover material...




misty blanket fall fog

Local Rabbit

after the catch

Golden Light

Mi Corazon, Ardia Como el Windsor…

Pires e a Nova Camera

The Guard


Super Seventies Sunlight

An Equine Sunset

This is One My Favs!

The Sun Peeks Over


La Luce Che Seduce

The Lunatics

Early Start


The Last Of The Blossom

Loose Knot

Last Of The Summer

Backlit Springbok in Sun’s First Rays

Catkin in sunset

Sunrise at the Pier

Backlit Tulip Interior


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