5 Free Mini Icon Sets For Web Designer

Website designers are always looking for that extra piece of spark to liven up their pages. This often comes in the form of background images, vector artwork, and more recently popularized icons. Small icons give your user interface an extra boost in usability and clarity. It helps to categorize links and portions of your webpage without using text. Here are 5 Free Mini Icon Sets For Web Designer. These are 100% free to download and use anywhere on your websites. Feel free to include links to similar icon sets you know and use in your daily projects.

A Collection of Mini Icon Sets

These icon sets from Icon Dock are split up into different categories, including file types, web design, blog & CMS, and Ecommerce.

Mini Designer Icon Set – 10 Free Icons

This set of icons was designed with designers in mind, there should be at least one thing in here that speaks to any designer, whether it’s your love for a certain graphics software package, your obsession with Apple iGoodies, technical drawing, photography or sketching ideas in your moleskine notepad, we’ve got you covered.

Cotyledon Mini Icons Free for Download

Cotyledon Mini Icons designed by Web Icon Set, released exclusively here at WebAppers, features 20 beautiful 16×16px icons. Each icon comes in PNG format. You can use them on both personal and commercial projects.

Renova Icon Set

The icon set present 13 icons for most popular social networks and some for web stuff, mail icon, search icon, add/close button and the close one.

Mini tooltips

Designing a web app? Need to notify your users with style? Those mini tooltips will be perfect! Take a look.

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