100 Best Packaging Designs 2011

These packaging designs are a great source of inspiration. This is a showcase of the most creative and cutting-edge designs from the world of packaging. Package design is a very important design element due to its direct relationship with the environment and therefore climate. Here 100 Best Packaging Designs 2011 for inspiration.

22 Unique & Inspiring Product Packaging Designs

As consumer, we’re paying more attention to the packaging of product itself for buying a product. Marketing and designers have tremendous power to grab customer’s interest with their skills and creativity ideas.

Product sells increased if concepts are cleared in packaging and would win the hearts of customers. It is more important companies maintain cost of product, packaging within its cost. Mostly people judge the quality of product with its unique packaging.

50 Fantastic Examples of Beverage Packaging Design

Remember when water used to be free? People would think that you would be crazy to sell something that is offered free. Crazy is beyond it’s meaning, because look at us currently buying bottled water. Even though H2O does not taste different, the bottle does on the eyes. There has been a huge amount of companies that are selling bottled water that contain water from glaciers, mountains, springs, and sewers (just kidding.) At this point and time we are becoming more and more dependent on a variety of drinks. Just look at your regular day and count how many different kinds of beverages you consume. Most people start of with coffee, tea, or juice, then at lunch they grab a soda and a sandwich, and for dinner you might have a nice meal along with some wine, or another alcoholic beverage. Through out the day you will also consume quite a few amount of water(which is a 100% healthier choice than sugary drinks.)

Minimalism in packaging design

An interesting project from the folk at Antrepo, taking a few examples of product packaging and stripping them back to the bare bones. It’s titled a minimalist effect in a maximalist market.

30+ Attractive & Beautiful Alcohol Packaging Designs

There are thousands of Alcohol brands in the wold. For them to survive in this competitive market, they need to come up with a good marketing strategy. Packaging Designs can play a major role here as no matter what quality alcohol is of, the first thing that a customer sees is the packaging design. So to make their brand stand out of the others they need to come up with cool and attractive alcohol packaging designs. This can make or break the success of the brand. In this post, i will present you with an attractive and creative showcase of Alcohol Packaging Designs for you to draw inspiration from it.

100 Creative Examples Of Packaging Design

Have you ever walked down the aisle at a grocery store and noticed that all of the products in a certain category look the same or similar? I know I have. Don’t let your product fall into this bucket. Make sure your packaging is unique so that it stands out on the shelf and will be noticed. In the end, it’s all about sales and good packaging can help support sales for even the most boring product category.

20 Amazing Packaging Designs for Your Inspiration

In today´s market, packaging has become as important as the product itself. It is a powerful selling tool and company’s have become more aware and competitive in relation to this topic. They know this could make all the difference in the clients final decision making. Enjoy and let us know what you think.

Creative Packaging: Excellent Designs of Paper Bags and Boxes

In this generation of increased environmental awareness, most retail stores now settle in replacing plastic bags with anything paper-based. Paper bags and boxes are now being used for shopping because they’re eco-friendly, recyclable and cheaper. Apart from their use in carrying stuff; paper bags are usually kept for future use especially when they are beautifully designed or made from durable material. Companies are now coming up with creative bags as part of their branding and it is becoming a huge trend particularly in the retail and fashion industry.

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